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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my own equipment?

While we are happy to use whatever equipment you have, you don't need to own anything. We will bring everything to you.

What kind of equipment do you bring?

We bring all that you need for a dynamic workout: a mat for floor work and core, a Bosu® and stability discs for balance, medicine balls, traditional weights, resistance bands, and agility tools.

What happens during a 'free consultation?'

The goal of a consultation is for you to learn about your trainer. You can get a sense of his personality and his approach to see if he would be a good fit. He can tell you about his methods and experience, and you can ask any questions you want. He will also discuss your goals, where you would prefer to exercise, what your schedule is like and cover whatever physical limitations you might have.

What is a personal training session like? What should I expect?

Your trainer will arrive promptly to set up the equipment so you can begin your session on time. He will ask how everything feels to determine the course of the session (e.g. Are you over your cold? Is the elbow you bumped feeling ok today?) That will be followed by asking if you have done any exercise or activity since your last session. An hour of exercise follows, with a mixture of ab and core exercises, resistance exercises with weights and your own bodyweight, as well as stretching and balancing. The structure and intensity depends on your needs, how you feel and other factors. Exercises will be done one after the other to work as efficiently as possible. Breaks can be as frequent as needed but are always used for stretching, a sip of water or a lighter exercise – every minute can be useful. When you're done, you might be a little tired, but you'll feel great!

What should I do before my training session?

Dress appropriately – clothing shouldn't be too baggy or too tight, so you can move around comfortably. Sneakers are a must, and they should lace-up and not slip-on. Having a meal an hour or more before your session helps prevent indigestion, but try not to leave too much time so that you're hungry. Have a bottle or glass of water ready for you to drink throughout the session (and have some of it before your session starts). Your trainer may also discuss a light warm-up with you, which you should be finishing just as your trainer arrives.

Do you offer discounts?

We do our best to make fitness accessible to every budget! Ask about our fitness packages which offer a savings on every session. Partner sessions are another budget friendly option with the added benefit of working out with a friend or family member. Refer a friend and receive 10% off any package or a free session. We also often run holiday and seasonal promotions and discounts. Contact us for more information on how to make our services work within your budget.

John Cleary - Personal Trainer