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Overall Fitness

overall fitness

Reach YOUR Fitness Goals!

Our overall fitness programs are designed for individuals at all levels of fitness. If you're looking for a challenging training program, or are training for a specific sport, we can help. If you're trying to simply stay healthy. They are tailored to the goals, abilities and desires of each participant. We can focus on training for a specific sport, or an increase in overall fitness and flexibility.

Because we focus on your individual needs, you will achieve results faster, and get the motivation you need to continue your program. Our overall fitness programs offer something for everyone, regardless of age, gender skill level, or athletic and fitness goals.

Our program can be used by youth, athletes as well as adults and teams. Training is done one-on-one, in the comfort of your home or office!

YOUR Ideal Body Weight

weight loss photo

There's no question that an effective weight management program includes both exercise and diet. At John Cleary Wellness we help you determine your ideal weight and level of fitness. Then, we go about helping you achieve it!

Our program starts with a plan.

Did you know that the vast majority of people who have lost more than 30 pounds and kept it off for five years or longer have learned to add exercise into their daily lives?

In order to achieve the weight loss you desire, we recommend a combination of cardio & weight training. We help you develop healthy habits and keep the weight off.

Rehabilitation & Recovery

rehabilitation & recovery

We'll be part of your team.

If you are suffering from an injury and hoping to regain your full mobility, flexibility and fitness, we can help. We'll become a member of your personal team to help you recover quickly and safely.

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We can even work in tandem with your Physical Therapist or MD to ensure success!


John has a long history of providing a wide variety of services to clients of all ages. Because of his extensive background and expertise, he is happy to help you reach any goal!

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