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I spoke to my doctor: my cholesterol is down from 243 to 148 HDL is down to 54 and LDL is down from 172 to 83!

Peter R. ( 3 month client)

After a v-e-r-y long hiatus, I began working out with John Cleary and his associate, Ryan almost 10 weeks ago in their studio in Port Chester, New York. I have been busy owning and operating two businesses at once and after the sale of one, I decided that I had the time to get down to my personal business and get back into shape.

I lost 5 pounds on a cleansing regime during the first week of working out three times a week. Now into my early 50's, I gained my energy back from my 30's. I dropped one size and my clothing fits so much better. I am actually able to wear some of the articles that still had tags on them from a size ago.

I had been enrolled in different programs throughout the years, The Thompson Exercise, Yoga, Amfit, Bally's and none compared to the individualized program John offers. I have confidence in the knowledge of the team who is dedicated to make a difference in my life. I am challenged and when I succeed, it is exhilarating.

I look forward to the next session and have been getting compliments from people who haven't seen me in a while. This program of personal training is a gift to myself.

Patti DeFelice, Greenwich, CT

Patti's Portico, Inc. / Performance Powder Coating

Dear John,

Thank you for the terrific job you have been doing. We are about a month and a half into my training and I have already lost almost 20 pounds, my resting heart rate has dropped 24 beats per minute, my blood pressure is lower, and I have never felt better. As you know I am a Police Officer, and while my job requires me to be in top physical condition, it is not always easy to do. On the average I spend six out of every eight hours sitting in my patrol car or cruising around. Couple that with the lousy hours and the lack of any real nutrition (although I still hold out hopes for someone to determine that cheeseburgers and pizza make for a great lifestyle) and you have a recipe for weight gain. Over the last eight years I have gained almost 40 pounds.

Recently when my partners and I were involved in a foot chase with car thieves, the fitness message really hit home. As they were running ahead and gaining ground I thought we were going to lose them. When they ran past your gym and ducked into that alcove, I thought we had lost them. Unfortunately for them, you saw them and apprehended them for us. Little did they know they ran past the wrong trainer. What were the odds that they would run past a martial arts, boxing and ultimate fighting expert? Click the police badge to see John's citation.

I wished then that I had started training months earlier. John's ability to motivate me and to really get me into those intense workouts and diet has amazed me. I never thought I would be able to get this far. With your continued assistance I know I will be able to achieve my fitness goals.